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Beijing normal university

Beijing Normal University (BNU), located in the heart of China’s capital, is a distinguished institution with a legacy of academic excellence and social responsibility. Known for its commitment to education and research, BNU offers international students a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment. From historical landmarks to a dynamic urban landscape, BNU provides a rich cultural experience alongside rigorous academic pursuits.

Institution Type

Public Institute

World Ranking


Acceptance Ratio




Application Deadline

Bachelors: March Masters: May

Most popular


Master’s in Chinese Language and Literature

Master’s in Education

Master’s in Environmental Science

Master’s in Business Administration

Master’s in Computer Science

Master’s in Psychology

Master’s in International Relations

Master’s in Finance

Master’s in Applied Mathematics

Master’s in Physics

Why suitable for
Bangladeshi students

Strong Education Programs
Cultural Heritage
Language Learning Opportunities
Research Opportunities
Support for International Students
Affordable Living Costs
Vibrant Campus Life
Global Campus Atmosphere

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