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Unleash your potential in the heart of Asia’s rich heritage and rapid development by studying in China with Skystar Global. Gain international recognition with academic excellence, immerse yourself in vibrant culture, and explore transformative educational experiences.


career aspects

A degree from China positions graduates at the forefront of a rapidly evolving global landscape, providing a deep understanding of international dynamics, cultural nuances, and a competitive edge in the job market.

Medical Science and Technology
Biotech and Pharma
IT and AI Hub
Aerospace and Aviation
Renewable Energy
Traditional Chinese Medicine
E-commerce Leader
International Trade Hub




Even though Proficiency in English is necessary, IELTS is not required. Applicants typically need to hold a Chinese High School Diploma or equivalent.


Proficiency in English is required, but can also be applied without IELTS. Applicants should have completed the Chinese National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao) or an equivalent qualification.


Prospective students typically need a relevant Bachelor's degree, English proficiency demonstrated by an IELTS would not be required, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose is necessary.


A relevant Master's degree with a strong research component, a research proposal, academic transcripts, English proficiency with an IELTS is not essential, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose.

top career


Renewable Energy Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
E-commerce Manager
International Trade Specialist
Environmental Scientist
AI and Robotics Engineer
Medical Doctor
Tourism and Hospitality Manager

Recommended universities

Experience China’s Renowned Institutions Elevating Education and Global Impact, Guiding Students Toward Excellence in Research, Innovation, and International Collaboration.

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