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Discover a world-class education at City University Malaysia, where academic excellence meets vibrant multicultural experiences. As a distinguished institution committed to nurturing future leaders, City University Malaysia provides a dynamic learning environment where students embark on transformative educational journeys. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge programs, led by seasoned faculty, and embrace a global perspective that shapes not only your academic endeavors but also your personal and professional growth. 

City University Malaysia is not just a university; it’s a vibrant community where diversity converges with knowledge, creating an inspiring platform for your educational aspirations. Welcome to a place where academic brilliance knows no bounds – welcome to City University Malaysia.

Institution Type

Private Institute

World Ranking


Acceptance Ratio




Application Deadline


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Master’s in Business Analytics

Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

Master’s in Finance

Bachelor’s in Journalism

Bachelor’s in International Politics

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

Master’s in Computer Science

Bachelor’s in Film Studies

Master’s in Marketing

Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science

Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

Why suitable for
Bangladeshi students

Central London Location
Leading in Business Education
Global Networking Opportunities
Research-Led Teaching
Urban Campus Experience
Innovative Programs
Strong Employability Rates
Diverse Student Body

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